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August de 2020
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The price shall be for busy night. The price includes the VAT, the cost of water, electricity, gas, linen and towels. The rent shall be a minimum of at least two nights.


The request or receipt of information on the status of availability of the House for Rent, does not imply the acceptance of the booking by the house. At the time of booking the client must deposit 50% of the rental amount requested and not that firm booking until you have made ​​such deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit, the booking will be formalized and the customer definitely receive confirmation.

The balance must be paid upon delivery of the keys. Otherwise, the organization will be canceled booking. Once the 50% deposit and the reservation confirmed and http://www.casaacanteira.com, via e- mail or fax, we consider the firm booking and apply cancellation fees in case of cancellation by the customer.


According to Article 17.2 of Decree 18/1998 of March 5, the right to occupy the accommodation starts, unless otherwise agreed, at 17:00 am on the first day of the contract period and the price per night accommodation will be occupied. The price includes the cost of water, electricity, gas, linen and towels. The rent shall be a minimum of at least two nights.


All users, without exception, must have in order their personal and family documents, either a passport or identity card, according to the nationality of the visitor.


By majeure situations it may be necessary to cancel a reservation. In these cases, the amount of the booking will be refunded in full.


In all cases the customer may cancel the services requested and contracted, with the right http://www.casaacanteira.com receivable as compensation:

- The 25% fee when the cancellation is made more than 15 days prior to arrival.

- The 50% fee when the cancellation is made at least 15 days prior to arrival.

- The 75% fee when the cancellation is made at least 7 days prior to arrival.

- The 100% fee when the cancellation is made at least 4 days prior to arrival.

There shall be no obligation to hold reservation, with loss of deposit, when accommodation be not occupied before twelve hours the next day to set for it.


Irregularities and / or deficiencies that the customer can find in the rented property must be notified as soon as possible and during the stay, shortly info@casaacanteira.com solve any defect or failure and even provided the reasons given are proven to be true. Any claim made ​​after leaving the property will not be met for lack of the most basic criteria that may deal with the complaint.

The client of all rural accommodation , you agree that for the special operating philosophy and conditioned these areas in which are sometimes found , the customer previously stayed cases of unforeseen circumstances (weather problems, power outages, etc. ) may not be immediate. For this reporting to host this type of houses as opposed to a hotel, no service available 24 hours a day, but always try to respond as quickly as possible to any unforeseen circumstances.

In case of exceptional events (earthquakes, strike, war, storm, etc), if the host could not enjoy your room, you will be refunded the booking made up to a maximum of 75%.


http://www.casaacanteira.com is responsible for the correct property information offered, the allocation indicated and its precise location.


It is your responsibility to leave the property in the condition in which he found, held responsible for all damages and impairments caused by the negligent action. It is also the customer's responsibility always correspond to the exact number of occupants who made the reservation. Under no circumstances will increase the maximum number of persons booked, this will enable the owner or manager implementing the relevant measures (supplementary charge or eviction).

Any damage caused by the customer for the use of the house, will be paid separately by the customer.


The organization is not liable to any customer for any loss, damage, cancellation or additional expenses suffered by the customer, or any cause beyond the control of the house.

Animals shall only be accepted if there is prior agreement between the host and the organization.

Not allowed out of the house utensils, bedding, blankets, etc.

The house will be given to guests in perfect condition and cleanliness. The subsequent cleaning during the guest's stay, will be in charge of it.


The fact of taking part in the product offered, is the express acceptance by the customer of each and every one of the Rental Conditions.