• Full Guesthouse


  • Vimianzo Castle
  • Pedra Cubeta dolmen
  • Batans do Mosquetin
  • Vilan Cape (Camariñas)
  • Fisterra Lighthouse
  • Ezaro Cascade
  • Pindo Mountain
  • Barca shrine
  • Pillow lace (Camariñas)

A tranquility and rural silence joins proximity to all interesting points of the Death Coast:

Vimianzo Castle: Built in the late twelfth century, where your visit to the fort will become a journey into the past.

Dolmen Route: A 900 meters from the house is the dolmen of Pedra Cuberta and together within the same route you will discover mamoas, tapirs, and forts with lendas of mouras.

Batans do Mosquetin: Just watch and hear the sound you'll know that you're in a magical world of water mills where the river caresses your day.

Camariñas, capital of lace: Land of sailors with bobbin lace hands, tradition and culture.

Faro Finisterre: You will come to an end where you never want to leave.

Ézaro waterfall and Mount Pindo: Do not get tired of your landscape.

Muxia: Center devout pilgrims to his shrine de la Barca and sightseeing.